What Is Email Verification?

Email verification is the process of checking out an email address whether it is valid or not. In the world of email marketing, sending out emails to invalid email addresses is such a wasteful act, thus email verification is actually vital in this process. Email verification can be categorized in two forms.

Pre-emptive verification is the process of checking out the validity of a new email address on the list before entering it into the database of email addresses for marketing. This is a very effective process of verification, most useful to business owners who would want to check if the email addresses of employees and customers are legit or not before entering it into the company's system.

Retrospective verification is the process of checking email addresses that are already in the database to ensure they are still being used. Third party processors are used as well as various other technologies to check the validity of email without having to send any email to them.

Benefits of email verification

In the world of business, to avoid wasting efforts, make sure that the marketing strategy you are using will pay off in the long run. Email marketing is one of the most effective and most widely used form of marketing especially when you embrace email verification . Here are a few of the benefits you get from verifying email addresses before sending out emails.

You will not waste email delivery fees on invalid emails because the list size on the database is reduced to legit email addresses only. There will be no extra fees that need to be paid due to email addresses that are not used anymore.

There are email service providers who have strict policies on bounced email threshold and the email verification process will help you avoid encountering problems with these providers. Some of these email service providers have a specific amount of time given before closing or suspending accounts, especially those who are new members.

In email verification, you are improving deliverability by eliminating those expired email addresses from the system. Your internet service provider will degrade the emails if your system has an increasing percentage of expired users. You can enhance your sender reputation score by cleaning the list of emails on the system via email verification process.

Spam traps are easily dodged by email verification. Internet service providers have a habit of recycling expired accounts for spam trapping purposes and this will easily get you blacklisted by your service providers if you have these email addresses on your emailing list. In the end, the best thing about is that it keeps you off such trouble.